Quay Boats

James Thames used to work for the best live casinos in the UK 2020. He mosty dealt with sales and financials. Secondhand did not strike his fancy. He had no use for rummage sales or garage sales or second-hand stores. He loved all things “new.” Don’t give him any hand-me-downs, in clothing, goods, or any kind of equipment.


 He wanted his goods right off the shelf, untouched, unwrapped, unsoiled by human sweat or the dust of the earth. Dirt made him nervous. Even the word, “mothballs”, was an anathema. As a former naval officer with a passion for boats, he was still haunted by his visit to a navy ship graveyard and the memory of rusty, decaying, corroded, rotten abandoned military ships.

about going into business

Researched and Dreamed

So as James researched and dreamed about going into business, there was no consideration of reselling something that had been used, refurbishing anything that was shabby, touching up anything that was worn and threadbare. He wanted to sell a “new” product; that is, modern, fresh, without spot or wrinkle, having just arrived or been created—unused. The smell of new leather in a car with zero mileage—the feel of walking barefoot on thick, luxurious, virgin carpet that had never been walked on—the thrill of being the first to enjoy a fine purchase, new, clean, and sparkling, was an important value that he cherished.

Quay Boats

boat sales companies for luxury boats

luxury boats

That is why the Quay Boats company came into existence. That is why today it is one of London’s most known and reputable boat sales companies for luxury boats. As James Thames brought to life his dream of selling luxury boats, as he did his research, created his business plan, chose his business structure, registered his business name, got his license and permits, chose his accounting system, set up his business location, and chose his team, he methodically planned for the needs of his clientele, the customers for whom he wanted to provide the glamour and luxury they could now afford because of their hard-earned success.

Quality Leisure-Time Experiences

He thought of the customers who love the water, or love to fish, or love to take family and/or friends and “get away from it all”, for quality leisure-time experiences. He wanted this customer to be able to unwind and rejuvenate in the beautifully designed atmosphere of a state-of-the-art “new” yacht or ship. He wanted to help bring to life their need for and dream of relaxing in luxurious comfort. They had worked hard. They deserved it. He was excited about his plan to help them achieve and experience it. His joy came from planning for this deserving customer’s boating experience.

Rare Breed of Clientele

In addition to providing this rare breed of clientele a well-deserved break from the fast pace of running superbly successful businesses, James Thames wanted Quay Boats to provide fine design and comfort, the satisfaction of maximum safety and security, and not to say the least, a good investment. He wanted this elite home away from home to be an elegant place of magnificent splendor, but yet comfortable, cheerful, delightful, so as to allow one to sink into peaceful respite from the rigors of the press of daily business. He imagined businessmen becoming boaters and beginning their dream trip, planning their first cruise, catching their first fish in their new boat home, enjoying the special amenities of handsome interiors and cabinetry and fully equipped galleys. He thought of their first step onto the dock, the sound and feel of embracing the nautical lifestyle the first time, and the passion of sailing. That’s why Quay Boats Company was created. He couldn’t have made this possible if he didn’t speel gratis mega fortune gratis online and after playing for real and winning the jackpot! Lucky James…