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Perfect yacht for your needs

Perfect Yacht

We want you to find the perfect yacht for your needs. At this moment we have a luxury yacht available, as well as a mid-sized yacht that will capture your lady’s heart. Let us know your specifications and we will look for your perfect match. We will be candid and your satisfaction will be our goal.

The Gentleman

“The Gentleman” is the name chosen for one of our current yachts available for sale, as it, in every sense, has all the features the ultimate gentleman would want and need – hot tub, gym, helipad, swimming pool, elevator, theater, sauna and steam room. You will be thrilled with the engine power, top speed, and cruising speed, and the fuel and water capacity. Do not let the attractive amenities mislead you.

Quay Boats

Wise Purchase

Well-Constructed Boat

It is a wise purchase, as the style is backed with substance. The initial cost is reasonable in that you need pay only 18% down rather than the usual 20%. It is a well-constructed boat, built to withstand the effects of rough seas, which makes it a best buy. The rub rails are of good quality and the window frames are strong and sturdy. The quality of the upholstery is such that it will not be as diminished over time as some other models. We offer you a walk-around, a sea trial and encourage you to accompany the surveyor.


“Kitty” is a dainty ship, fit for your lady’s surprise birthday gift. It features a beautiful interior with living room, dining area, stainless steel kitchen, a winding oak staircase, a spacious gallery, luxury bar, and oak-paneled bedroom. Luxury toiletry is fit for a queen. It has a recognizable feminine style that is unique, teak floors and handrails, and a small beauty salon area.

Your Lady’s Boat

The lines overall and many details say it is your lady’s boat, yet it is inviting to all. It also contains a home theater system, equipped with tv’s and dvd players, and private crew quarters. Also available for purchase, if you choose, for your birthday gift, are a handheld vacuum cleaner, stovetop coffee maker, washer and dryer, water maker, I-pad, hot water bottle, and a camera and video recorder.

Great Traveler

We also have currently available the “Great Traveler”, so named because of its speed and fuel efficiency, and wonderful views of the outside. For all of our boats we provide a full maintenance log, checklist of equipment, and survey and sea trial (feel free to bring your broker). We want you to thoroughly inspect upholstery, gel coat, woodwork, control cables, transmission, steering, etc. We provide full builder and brand information.