Quay company repairs and maintains yachts.

best value for your money

We give you the best value for your money, with a range of services. We accommodate yachts of various lengths and we have a modern boat hauler and boat trolley. We are supported by a technical dept, naval architects, and mechanical engineers. Our design office handles marine equipment. Our combined staff has 30 years of experience in yacht maintenance and repairs. We provide maximum service at reasonable cost. It is our mandate to meet your boating maintenance and repair needs in every way.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services include carpentry, waxing, detailing, restoration, rigging, spars and masts. Our boat service professionals use both advanced and traditional techniques. Moreover, we offer reasonable financing. We are familiar with the fundamentals of boat restoration and we are committed to providing state-of-the-art service. We will provide a complete cost estimation after thoroughly and proactively researching your exact maintenance and repair needs. We offer annual maintenance checks, boat grit blasting, top quality joinery, anti-foulding, osmosis treatment, and epoxy coating, engine refits and maintenance, and gelcoat and fiberglass repair.

Quay Boats

30-Day Free Trial

Yacht Maintenance Membership

For your convenience, we will offer you a 30-day free trial for a Yacht Maintenance membership. Our staff is friendly and client-oriented. You can set your maintenance schedule yourself through our convenient app, and we have a helpdesk to assist you. Through the use of your app, our team members will get an alert on their phone when you have a task for them. You do not need to provide a credit card for a free trial. However, the maintenance is fully web-based, so you don’t need software other than the app itself.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is important to literally save you thousands — repairing things that could happen even if you don’t use your boat. Your preferences and your boat needs decide the service. It is customized for you and what works for you and your boat’s needs. With the proper electrical and mechanical oversight, your yacht will always be at its performance best, fully operational and safe. That is the way to get a good night’s sleep while you are cruising.

Comprehensive Yacht Care

Your boat is safe and ready to go whenever you are. We offer complete and total maintenance services. As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive yacht care. Our various and sundry services run the gamut from the smallest concern to major boat-threatening problems. Although we have an amazing and gifted team, we do not have so much pride and arrogance that, if needed, we can’t reach outside our system to make use of other experts if something (rarely) beyond our scope surfaces as a need.

Fixing Problems

We have been focusing primarily on fixing problems, but please realize we also can just basically, on a regular basis, help you keep the gleaming showroom shine on your boat–just keeping it clean, polished and beautiful. This saves you the expense of getting additional workers, or using precious family and leisure time to do it yourself. Summarily, Quay Boats provides excellent, dedicated, comprehensive maintenance.